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Fight-District spirit

“Fight-District is a state of mind, with the slogan ” Fight 4 “is to fight, not to suffer! All our emotions, whether positive or negative, can be transformed into fighting spirit. Being in the fight of everyday life is important!”

These are the words in which Cabal CRENN, Founder, describes the Fight-District spirit. A fighting, committed state of mind! With an eloquent slogan ” Fight For “the brand aims to represent people who are fighting a battle, striving for a life goal, and for whom the word – abandonment – has no place!

As you’ll see, our Fight-District® brand clothing is here to accompany you in your own fight! So don’t hesitate and check out our Streetwear and Sportwear collections.


About us

Who is Cabal Crenn?

Check out our exclusive interview with the founder and creator of the Fight-District clothing brand, Cabal CRENN.

  • Identity : Cabal CRENN
  • Activity: Businessman
  • Passion: planes, motorcycles, rugby, boxing, parachuting …
  • Leitmotiv: Fight For !

Cabal Crenn

Her current favorite

Elegant and stylish, the beige sweatshirt with the hashtag #FIGHT4 printed on the chest is THE must-have item in his collection!